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Enduro rally news !!!

The most active enduro rally fans should be happy to hear the hottest news of this year:

– The competition consists of three stages. The last time it was done in 2010;

– 21 races in different places of Lithuania and Latvia have passed, but they have never been held in the center of Lithuania – Gaižiūnų polygon;

– Prizes for participants have been the most diverse, high-quality brands, so this year’s news is KLIM. KLIM ceates the most technically advanced clothing for motorcycles  in the world;

– a brand new SSV category for participants will be added. In short, the quadricycles that have two drivers (driver and co-driver).

More about the first stage and the mandatory registration:

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September 23rd is reserved for the largest off-road fest in Lithuania

Most fans of enduro rally remember well the main emotions of the competition: beautiful autumnal nature, excitement and, of course, good old friends at the same starting line. This competition is undeniably the right decision.

What‘s new?

Traditions are difficult to change, traditions are hard to forget, traditions create lasting value and traditions become a part of history. That’s why this year we keep following the enduro rally roots, when the most enduring remains. The enthusiastic athletes already have shown their interest in this competition, who want more attention to security and obstacles that will allow them to compete more seriously with other competitors.

It will be a pleasure this year to watch the growing competition between the two Baltic States, as we have more and more athletes from Latvia every year. The results of the first competition in Latvia show a strong attitude of the participants of this country in the strongest HARD class, but there is still no significant competition in both ATV classes.

ENDURO RALLY „ZANTE 2017” I competition stage winners

Hard Enduro 

Vieta Startinis Nr. Komandos pavadinimas Vardas Pavardė
Place Start no. Team name Name Surname
1 300 PAGIRINIAI1 Nikolaj Andrusov / Raimondas Machrov
2 306 Puslitrs ar Jurīti Pēteris Sliede / Juris Deičmanis
3 305 3T Racing Aivars Kukojs / Gunārs Kepe


Soft Enduro

Vieta Startinis Nr. Komandos pavadinimas Vardas Pavardė
Place Start no. Team name Name Surname
1 201 Klubas “Arklio jеgos” Šarūnas Lengvinas / Marius Ragaišis
2 202 MOTO GAZAS Donatas Uždavinys / Andrius Giraitis
3 204 Adventurer Mārtiņš Gailis / Aivars Pupovs


ATV Sport

Vieta Startinis Nr. Komandos pavadinimas Vardas Pavardė
Place Start no. Team name Name Surname
1 214 Kauno Jawos RT Aleksandras Ivanovas / Kęstutis Kaminskis
2 216 MaWa Alvydas Sereika / Marius Masiulis
3 213 MOTOBROLIAI  Linas Baltrušaitis / Laurynas Kudakas


ATV Utility

Vieta Startinis Nr. Komandos pavadinimas Vardas Pavardė
Place Start no. Team name Name Surname
1 323 Rally Laukt Negali Dainius Kriūnas / Marius Kubilius
2 324 Kauno Jawos Evaldas Mačiulis / Tomas Adamonis
3 328 ATVFANAI RT 2 Antanas Kanopkinas / Mindaugas Veiveris


The anniversary again
Good old times, good old friends. Ten years ago, the first enduro rally competition took place, which was also called the “Endurance Rally”. This day was the most memorable for all participants: for those who managed to finish the longest route in the history of rally Vilnius (Grigiskes) – Klaipėda (Giruliai) exceeding 400 kilometres, for others – to check their chances, which ended before they planned. It’s those times when the SOFT class was the most competitive, and the both ATV classes did not yet have such a powerful technique to overcome all the tricks of nature. Times are changing and we have what we have, but we are most excited that we are and the WAY WE ARE, because there will be again a great fest!

Enduro Lithuania team


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Want to stand out? Everything is very simple. Vast benefit to all.
How impress a friend, colleague or your main partner? What exceptional to offer, so they would take a break from their endless important work? What would immediately interest them and would leave an impression for a long time? It is well known – MOTORCYCLE. Often seen and heard, but usually labeled as risky and likely unmanageable, expensive and not easily accessible. Therefore, motorcycle is exclusive, because it easily breaks myths and stereotypes, and after carrying out its mission it can make YOU to stand out too. Especially if you decide to get acquainted with the off-road king – the light HARD ENDURO motorcycle.


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