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  • 09/23/2017

    ENDURO RALLY “PABRADĖ 2017” II etapas

    The biggest enduro competition in Baltic states

    • 55.067750, 25.868389
    • 10:00
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10:00 – RALLY starts
18:00 – RALLY finish
19:00 – Best pictures review, nominations
20:00 – Winners awards
21:00 – Event finish

PLACE: map

The competition map with worthy attention control points and special stripes configurations: download

Press release: The right decision


The most important conditions for those who are planning to participate:

Starting rights are provided to ER participants who hold:

Enduro licence (one time LMSF licence you can get through the organizer)
Driver’s licence required for driving a particular category of machines.
Technical passport of the competition machine.
Appropriate gear and starting package for participating in the race.

Starting package

Each team must have a starting package that consists of:

  • GPS navigator with competition route. (Two days before you will get by email).
  • Photo camera or a mobile phone;
  • Mobile phone with a fully charged battery;
  • Rope (recommended);
  • Drinkable liquids (recommended).

Division in classes:
Hard Enduro – machines up to 129 kg. (additional Hobby (read the regulation));
Soft Enduro – machines 130 kg and over.
Sport Quads – quads with wheel formula 4x2.
ATV Quads – quads with wheel formula 4x4.
Tourist – no requirements for the number of participants in a team, for the number of machines or their types. No competition results are established for the class. Memorable diplomas for a successful SOFT class orientation route (need to show all recorded KP for judges).

Starting numbers
Participants will receive starting numbers from the ER event organizer during additional registration on the day of the competition. The stickers must be put on the participant's helmet and mototechnics.

Payment options will be given after you will receive the confirmation of pre-registration.

Competition Regulation: download
Competition rules: download 
Suporting document: download 

Competition organizer
VŠĮ “Enduro Lithuania”
Mob.tel. +370 601 86653 (registration)
Mob.tel. +370 616 21788 (rules, organizational questions)
E-mail: registracija@endurolithuania.com 

Main rules for the race:

  • All the team has to drive through rally recommended route (indicated in navigator), fitting in time norm and to photograph set check stations (written number on different objects) in sequence.
  • Number of check stations will be published before start.
  • Penalty seconds will be counted for not photographed stations and exceeded time norms.
  • Total length of enduro rally route will be published before start (approximately 100 km).
  • Route contains two special stretches (SS). Each of them has work time (is published in additional race regulations). In SS the times are of completion are taken, which will determine the winners.
  • Finish is fixed after it is reached by the last member of a team.
  • Team consists of 2 members in all classes. Except Tourist (minimum two participants, could be different types of motorcycles, license is not required).

Fees for participating in the race

LMSF one time licence (if need) – 10 Eur. (Pay together with starting fee).

Start fee – 40 Eur.
Starting the date 2017-09-06 start fee – 50 Eur.
Starting the date 2017-09-13 till 2017-09-20 start fee – 60 Eur.
Starting the date 2017-09-21 registration for race is closed.

Tourist class (there are no regulations for number of participants in a team, nor for moto technique; the class doesn’t take part in rally lap standings; no licence, no insurance needed) starting fee – 30 Eur (From 2017-09-13 till 2017-09-20– 35 Eur).

Competition Regulation: download
Competition rules: download 
Suporting document: download 

Competition organizer
VŠĮ “Enduro Lithuania”
Mob.tel. 8 601 86653 (registration)
Mob.tel. 8 616 21788 (rules, organizational questions)
E-mail: registracija@endurolithuania.com

The Norwegian sports and leisure clothing brand DEVOLD has dedicated for all three winning places the thermal clothes that are great for sport and active leisure or wearing every day. They are light, comfortable and provide comfort during movement. Such clothes are made of special material - merino wool, which is characterized by exceptional softness, with antibacterial and natural temperature control features: excellent moisture absorption and diffusion. For this reason, clothing made from Merino wool maintains body heat even then when it is wet.

VOSTOK Europe – made in Lithuania, Vilnius, modern, high-quality and fashionable sports-style watches for the winners of HARD enduro and ATV utility classes.

Vostok-Europe - the official watches of the longest winter rally Expedition, the Submarine Archaeological Research Institute, the Panatinika football club, the Greek Football Federation, the WRC A-class Romanian team.

MOTOSHOP - the largest and most modern KTM motorcycle, parts and accessories store in Lithuania has established SILKOLENE oil and care products for all winning places.

SILKOLENE began an intensive activity in the field of moto sports, working with the KTM motorcycle racing team. Silkolene products have become a market leader in the UK.

UAB Inchcape Motors gives a weekend with FORD Kuga ENDURO RALLY "PABARADĖ 2017" for II cup of Hard Enduro HOBBY class winning team!

UAB Autointer - Mitas is a motorcycle tire representative in Lithuania. We sell all types of Mitas tires at the best prices. For rally winners, they established a prize – Mitas’ front tires.

The competition map with worthy attention control points and special stripes configurations: download

For photographers, video operators registration, terms and conditions by e-mail:

If you are looking for a team member or can accept an additional member, please contact us at: registracija@endurolithuania.com