Long tour

Long tour

In order to describe Lithuania briefly, the best way is to use the observations of former tourists. The three most standing out topics that frequent travelers immediately notice are a close relationship with nature, the beauty of women and the reviving capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

Tours organized by Enduro Lithuania will invite you to explore the natural resources of nature when traveling with enduro motorcycles through Lithuanian forests, meadows and sands. An individual approach to our customers makes it possible to adjust the complexity of routes according to their possibilities, therefore, we are being chosen by beginners and medium-skilled riders.


LONG ENDURO TOUR includes all available Lithuanian natural resources (including swamps). During this tour we will visit many beautiful national and regional parks, military shooting range, as well as state-protected objects. One of the overnight stays we will in an authentic ancient village in the largest Lithuanian National Park. After each day of the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste something new from the national Lithuanian cuisine and rest in a cozy log house on the lake shore (Location on map).


1 day – Arriving day. VILNIUS City tour, Guest house “Enduro Lithuania”. Guests are staying in the house, making new friends and planing next day adventure.
2 day – Short lessons on our enduro track, will be testing different grounds, different obstacles. Interesting track around Guest house in NERIS regional Park. A lot of beautiful places, forest roads and trails near the second largest river in Lithuania.
3 day – Early in the morning leaving to the RUKLA military shooting range. Long and interesting track near the river. We will visit the historic place – city KERNAVE. Many sand and beautiful scenery in military training grounds.
4 day –  Free day. Different activities (look OTHER SERVICES).
5 day –  Early in the morning leaving to the RUDNINKAI military training grounds. Fast and interesting ride through forest. Very beautiful and unspoilt nature. Small lessons in military training grounds. Tank tracks riding on sand. We will finish at the furthest place – the old village on the bank of the river DZŪKIJA National Park. Hot smoke sauna or canoeing in the river Ula (2-3 hours).
6 day –  after hard last days we will take river baths. We will move home using another route along the rivers of this county, when visiting the most beautiful lakes and hills. Closing party or going to Vilnius Night clubs.
7 day –  Last look to old town in VILNIUS. Flying home.

Terrain: mix of gravel, small forest roads and trails
Bike: rental bike KTM 250-350 EXC-F (dirt bike)
Total distance: 480 kilometers (depend of riders skills and track level)
Daily rides: about 7-8 hours
Meals: breakfasts, dinners and water/cola
Price:  1128 Eur ( if no less than 4 persons), 1090 Eur (if no less than 5 persons).

Please contact us and we will specify the price or create special tour for your group.

In price is included :

Bike rent: KTM  250-350 EXC-F (2020-2022)
Service car (only if need for bike)
Food (breakfast, dinner), drinks (water, coca-cola)
Accommodation in Guest house “Enduro Lithuania” ( 6 nights )
Transport airport-Guest house (also in reverse )
Transport in Vilnius old town, night clubs
Small motorcycle service
Closing party, sauna
Memory souvenir, pictures

Not included:

Jackets, helmets, boots, goggles, gloves and all protections (20 Eur per day except pants)
Entrees to night clubs

You must to know!

  • The optimal number of participants in the group is 4-5 people. Max – 7.
  • We must be informed in advance about the participants, who do not have Category A license or are under the age of 18 (there is possibility to participate anyway)
  • We are accompanied by a service car only by prior arrangement or, if necessary
  • Overnight in a cozy Guest house “Enduro Lithuania” in a log house on the lake shore. See the map
  • Alcohol and snacks in the nearest shop (5 km till city shop)


Enduro motorcycle tours formats

Off-road tours are for the riders with a medium and higher riding skills, who can go through the different natural obstacles. This tour should be interesting to people, who want to check their possibilities, see the local untached wilderness  and to get new experience. A lot of mudy sections, logs (wood) lying on the road, streams and trails. You will experience the nature at it’s best.

Sightseeing Enduro tours should like people, who want to take more rest during the tour. They don’t need high skill level to be able to visit popular places in different regions, local villages, and the city for a cup of coffee. Tracks for this tour will go along the local roads, but will be off-road. During tour like this you will hardly get very tired, unless sightseeing is tiring for you.

Mixed Enduro tours. Harder riding, lighter riding, adventure and resting will be present. This tour is good for any rider skill.  Professional instructor will give all main knowledge and they could help you to become better off-road rider and overcome off-road obstacles.

Where we have several trail choices for each day, depending on the riding preferences of the group. Just let us know what you like!

Events Performer

ENDURO LITHUANIA together with KTM dealer in Lithuania MOTOSHOP offer the most popular KTM 250-350 EXC-F models. Every year we update our technics, so all motorcycles are new or not older than 2-3 years.

We are currently offering:

  • KTM 250-350 EXC-F 2020-2022 years – sharp, weighing not more than 95 kg (parts with the handlebars raised or lowered)
  • KTM 250 EXC-F 2020 year – with automatic clutch REKLUSE (no clutch required)
  • KTM 350 EXC-F 2020-2022 years – hardened, weighing up to 110 kg

Small river

54.793470785445955, 24.85233225205252

Restaurant in Village

54.39288079837901, 24.963525575109657

Quad track

54.618624337902496, 24.894423334041676

PitSTOP near small river

54.31135476857869, 24.77208915954043

PitSTOP near river

54.88548246520614, 24.8169916775945

Partisans Tomb

54.45977748348834, 24.891887398291374

Old Village Zervynos (overnight)

54.10996870183926, 24.49844980117507

Nice view to the River

54.90569359692427, 24.79972893397894

Military training polygon RŪKLA

55.01181575971502, 24.374093537196472

Military training polygon RŪDNINKAI

54.3880569790261, 25.0932685078933

Lunch place near lake

54.9877658115941, 24.469251588943735

Hills Kernavė

54.88199530357636, 24.84522918396806


54.94787690636401, 24.674316542073825

Enduro Lithuania Guest House

54.73206569824298, 24.877973197144456


54.129803718052024, 24.60103040349668

Tactical shooting with real guns (2-3 hours) – from 45 Eur/per person

Cable skiing on the Lake (from 20 eur/per person. 100 m from Guest house). Website

In “The Fishermen House”, everybody becomes a fisherman (300 m from Guest house). Website

Trakai and Vilnius districts’ tourism routes: explore

Cozy Guest house on the lake shore near the old capital of Lithuania TRAKAI. The log house, surrounded by forest, will allow you to relax and get rest after each day of the tour. Double rooms, a recreation and entertainment area, sauna and a volleyball court. You can swim on the lake by boat, take a swim in the nearby lake beach.

Location on map: google map


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