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  • 2021-10-02

    Enduro Rally III stage “PABRADE 2021”

    The biggest competition in the Baltic States

    • 10:00
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Enduro rally “PABRADĖ 2021” 3rd round

All enduro rally fans meet on 3th of March in PABRADE military polygon. Here for the 14th time is going to be held one of the biggest off-road competition in the Baltic States. It is expected to enter close to 400 enduro and quad participants at the starting line in six classes and one non-competing class. In the most popular TOURIST class, the participants have the opportunity to improvise how to form the team, there are practically no requirements, and the essence of everything is to overcome an interesting, full of nature obsticals route (usually up to 100 km.), while not taking longer than the planned time. The third and final round of the enduro rally should be intriguing for the participants as well, as the best of the best will be invited to the LMSF awards of the year.

If you are off-road enthusiast with neat technique and like-minded people, we invite you to take part in competition full of adventures. 

Traditionally, sponsors of the competition will prepare top prizes for the best of the best, and this year all participants will receive memorable diplomas for finishing the challenging up to 100 kilometer route.


10:00 - Start of RALLY start
18:00 - End of RALLY finishes
19:00 - RALLY pictures review
20:00 - End of event

Detailed race information

Start place: Pabradė Polygon https://goo.gl/maps/Brc85gSFupAceCjZ9  
Map for viewers: download (1 day before race)

Participants, who are looking for a team member or have other questions, please contacts: registracija@endurolithuania.com 

Organization: LMSF 
Organizer: Enduro Lithuania
Contact person:
Ph.no.: +37068651793 (ENG, RU), e-mail: registracija@endurolithuania.com

Detailed information

The place of the starts: Poligon in Pabradė. Map: map
Distance: up to 100 km (up to 90 km Tourist class), including 4 special stripes, up to 20 check stations
Special stripes (SS): 4 spec. stripes
Surface: forest roads/paths/quarters/cut forest areas, difficult passage and sand sections

Participants: owns of Hard enduro, Hard enduro HOBBY, SOFT Enduro, SSV Quad, ATV Sport (2x4), Utility (4x4) motorcycles and quadracycles. Total: 6 classes. Plus TOURIST, which do not participate in the rankings.
Official websites:  www.endurolithuania.com www.appasaule.lv

Main condition for the participants:

The right to participate in ER has a person:

  • Holding annual or one-time LMSF or LaMSF enduro license;
  • Holding an appropriate driving license category to drive a transport mean, participating in the race;
  • Holding a technical passport of a transport mean, participating in the race;
  • Having proper equipment and start package for participating in the race. 

Start package

Team must have a start package, which consists of:

o First aid box (recommended);
o Navigator GPS. The track 1 day before race by email.
o Mobile phone with a fully charged battery;
o Rope (recommended);
o Drinkable liquids (recommended).

Division into classes

HARD ENDURO – up to 129 kg;
HARD HOBBY – up 129 kg (never had LMSF or LaMSF annual licenses);
SOFT ENDURO -  130 kg and more;
SSV Quads - driver with co-driver;
ATV SPORT – wheels formula 4x2;
ATV UTILITY - wheels formula 4x4;
TOURIST class – there are special requirements for the technique or number of participants in the team. This is non-ranked class with official starts. Diplomas for the successfully sassed SOFT Class Orienteering Route will be granted (photos of all CP will have to be provided to judge).

Starting numbers
Starting numbers will be provided from organizational team on the day of race. Stickers have to be sealed on the helmet and moto technique.

Payment details are sent with the confirmation email after registration.

Enduro rally T-Shirt - 15 eur

Regulations of competitions: download
Additional regulations: download (2 days before race)
Short notes: download (1 d. before the race)

Race organizer
VŠĮ "Enduro Lithuania"
Mob.phone 8 686 51793 (registration)
Mob.phone 8 616 21788 (others)
Email: registracija@endurolithuania.com

Main rules for the race:

1.3.1 All the team must drive through rally recommended route (indicated in navigator), fitting in time norm.

1.3.2 Number of check stations will be published before start.

1.3.4 Penalty seconds will be counted for missing photographed stations and exceeded time norms.

1.3.4. Total length of enduro rally route will be published before start (usually about 100 km).

1.3.5. Route contains special stretches (SS). Each of them has work time (is published in additional race regulations). In SS the times are of completion are taken, which will determine the winners.

1.3.6. Finish is fixed after it is reached by the last member of a team.

1.3.7. Team consists of 2 members in all classes (except Tourist).

Fees for participating in the race

  1. Annual enduro LMSF license is mandatory (except TOURIST classes). LMSF one time license – 10 Eur.
  2. Sport insurance is recommended.
  3. Start fee - 80 Eur.
    From 2021-09-20 start fee- 90 Eur.
    From 2021-09-30 registration is closed.
    TOURIST class start fee – 40 Eur. From 2021-09-20 start fee - 50 Eur.)
  4. T-shirt - 15 Eur (only in cash before race)

Regulations of competitions: download
Additional regulations: download (2 d before race)
Short notes: download (1 d. before the race)

Race organizer
VŠĮ "Enduro Lithuania"
Mob.phone 8 686 51793 (registration)
Email: registracija@endurolithuania.com