New popular KTM enduro motorcycles for your needs!

Try in 2016-2017 year the most wanted KTM EXC-F!

It doesn’t matter whether you are advanced or beginner, try the most popular in Europe motorcycles – KTM EXC-F models. Since 2017, even lighter and thus more powerful motorcycles started. Maximum emotions are guaranteed!


„Try KTM“ entertainment consists of

Introduction to the best off-road enduro motorcycles KTM 350-500 EXC-F;
Short driving instruction;
Warm-up laps;
Riding in the main track.


Learn to control the most popular KTM hard enduro motorcycle in Lithuania and feel the exciting adrenaline moments in the shortest given time.

KTM official representation’s “Motoshop” partner “Enduro Lithuania” provides the following services:

– Training: 1 hour
– Enduro lesson: 1 hour
– Individual tour from 3 hours



– advance registration is required (when selected a specific service)
– usually groups are formed on Saturdays (tours) or Sundays (lessons)
– we recommend to try 1,6 km. “ENDURO LITHUANIA” training track
– wide choice of different degrees of complexity tour routes through Dzukija Highland and the surrounding area


Official KTM motorcycle representative’s in Lithuania website: