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  1. You need to have comfortable clothes, shoes and protections (we offer to rent it from us, except for trousers, gloves and goggles that wears off fast). Underwear and socks must not be made of natural fibers. It is the best to have a couple of helmet comforters. Ideally, but not required, to have spare clothes from the rain and extra gloves.
  2. Things to think about that will make your trip enjoyable. It is a special backpack with liquids, a real chocolate bar or nuts. Foldable pocketknife, plaster, wipes, mosquito repellent. And of course a camera or a video camera. A travel map can save you from getting lost.
  3. Need to get to know the motorcycle more closely. No matter how many hours you have rode on a motorcycle, you must test your abilities on a special enduro track. Then you will avoid falling when we will be away from home and avoid mistakes that damage motorcycle in difficult areas.
  4. Listen carefully to the quide-instructor briefing. It is very important to avoid misunderstandings, because we will already be a company that wants to spend time equally well. Elementary hand gestures tell to the whole group when to turn around, stop, turn and start. An instructor’s phone number is required to have.

We will take care of everything else!

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For tour:

  • we can offer all equipment for additional price: boots, helmets, all protections (knees, elbows, chest), gloves, glases, jacket;
  • You need to have your own pants (also it is possible jeans or sturdy fabric pants);
  • Thermo underwear
  • Waistcoat or sweater (depend of the weather)
  • Use a strong rain gear – waterproof prolonged rain;
  • More socks (thick socks it is the best)
  • Backpack for drink water;
  • Photo or video camera, if you need. We make pictures during the tour with our camera;
  • Health insurance (you need to care about it your self).

For every day:

  • We will give you towels, bedding, washing aids. You don‘t need to care about it J ;
  • You need to have personal measures;
  • Necessary medications, if you need to use them everyday (we have first aid medications);
  • Light clothing for leisure;
  • Warm sweater, raincoat;
  • Sandals or slates and swimming trunks for resorts, SPA;